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What is with the Cat to Male Ratio joke?

Episode 24: My Nerdy Life

Get to know Josh Brian and CJ. We open up our past and our nerdy lives. We strongly recommend you start with this episode so you know know us better. Even if you known us for years you are sure to learn something new.

  • Unless you are ordering an iPhone 6S or following the Pope’s visit to America  there wasn’t a lot happening online. Rather than skip a week we decided to talk about…. ourselves.
  • Brian talks about his life growing up nerd. The good bad and ugly.
  • Josh explains his love of music, sports and falling in love with nerd culture.
  • CJ talks about his first movie experience and how he envied people who had a love of sports.

Episode 30: Sometimes We Go Lowbrow

Josh was away for Episode 28- Jon Negroni & The Pixar Theory & Episode 29-Just The Two Of Us we were getting a little worried. He returned for Episode 30 after a few long business trips. You’ll also learn why we keep talking about “A whole lot of hope

Episode 41: What's In The Mug?!

Here you can see our monthly segment “The Blockbuster” We talk about the movies coming out next month and give our impressions.

  • Brian has put together the list of upcoming February movies. We share our thoughts. Thanks to “Super Fan Ellen” for asking us questions about Deadpool.
  • made a list of movies that are set for a reboot in the near future. We share our reactions and hopes for some beloved movies.
  • Tired of fake reviews on amazon? We talk about that aims to eliminate the B.S. and get to the truth. There is also a free Google Chrome extension to help make shopping easy. (They did not sponsor this episode but we wanted to share it.)
  • Super Bowl 50 looks to be the most tech savvy Super Bowl in history. Will having a tech powered sporting event bring more nerds?
  • Doctor Who is leaving Netflix and Hulu*! But there may be a loophole.
  • We follow-up to what we watched when we were snowed in.

Episode 51: CJ's Away, The Nerds Still Play!

Meet friend of the show Greg Hall from We Podcast & We Know Things (on iTunes) CJ was away on vacation so Brian and Josh had Greg filled in. Come hear the world from another nerdy perspective. But the real drawl is no CJ 😉

  • The Nerds welcome a special guest Greg Hall, as he lends his expertise!
  • Megaman is turning 30! The nerds talk about his new cartoon!
  • Cinemacon premeired a lot of trailers this week, including Game of Thrones, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and TMNT: Out of the Shadows.
  • We talk about the New Suicide Squad and the future of the DC movie verse!
  • Not to be outdone! Marvel premiered the Doctor Strange trailer and more information on Captain America: Civil War and the new Spider-Man movie.

Episode 78: Josh Burns Ruins Everything

Now that you know us better you can see Josh really shine. Sometimes Brian and CJ go into “True Believer Mode” where they nerd out too much and ignore the real world. Josh is always there to make sure the boys have a reality check. We also introduce the “Nerd Translator” where we help you understand the nerdy world better.