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The BlockBuster

Watch all the trailers right here 

Screen to screen

Crocodile Dundee sequel: Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride’s movie outed as Tourism Australia advert

‘Sneaky Pete’ season 2 trailer packs plenty of intrigue

Mom and Dad – Trailer 1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

The Mighty Ducks are coming back in new TV series

Tech Perspective

Gimmick-free XFL to return in 2020

Apple will release its $349 HomePod speaker on February 9th

What it’s like inside Amazon’s futuristic, automated store

Don’t Give TripIt your data. There are easier ways to know how long the airport security line is

Cape Talk

Brie Larson’s surprise Captain Marvel first look has some wondering: Why teal?

Netflix drops super-charged trailer for Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2

The Nerd Degree

The nerd degree is where That Kind of Nerd gives a topic/product/movie/whatever the third degree. Then we decided if it passes or fails.

These are some of the coolest Kickstarter inventions of 2018, so far (10 photos)

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