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Follow Up

Samsung is already releasing a smaller Frame TV

Watch Samsung’s thank you video to loyal Note fans



The KILLING GUNTHER Trailer is THE OFFICE for Hitmen

Cape Talk

Meet TV’s New Dick Grayson!

INHUMANS Cast Respond To Negative Reviews; Claim The Series Is Only “Loosely” Based On The Comics

Tech Perspective

Google Wallet on iMessage 

Google’s ARCore is the answer to Apple’s ARKit

Lenovo’s first augmented-reality glasses are a ‘Star Wars’ exclusive

‘The Walking Dead’ Will Soon Let You Murder Zombies Everywhere With This ‘Pokemon Go’-Style Mobile Game

The Nerd Degree

Watch how you can use Apple ARKit in Food ordering

Brian and Josh love movies. But the know not ever movie is perfect so before Hollywood goes about casting all the wrong people. We ask them to CAST THIS!


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