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When we meet someone we love to see the passion they have for a topic. We know being a “nerd” isn’t about just about technology or culture. We are redefining the word “nerd”.


Join in our conversations and tell us what kind of nerd you are.

CJ Mellon

Co-Founder / Podcast Nerd

Actor, nerd, and father. CJ has grown up with technology his whole life, from working with DOS at a young age, to creating websites. Learning the latest and greatest advancements became not only a hobby but a passion. Armed with his nerdy knowledge CJ’s passion allows him to break down any topic into easy to understand conversations.

Brian Thornton

Co-Founder / Comic Nerd

Brian has been collecting comic books for over 20 years. With a love of movies and TV friends joke that Brian is a walking IMDB. Not afraid to help you with a movie quote Brian’s humor is accessible to everyone. Welcome to our site, be nerdy with us. Brian@ThatKindofNerd.com

Josh Burns

 Ambassador / Jack of All Nerds

He is a different kind of nerd. He is am a husband of a brilliant and incredibly supportive wife and a father of two adorable and genius children. Fantasy football pretty much runs his life all year round. He’ll binge-watch anything entertaining. A lover of beer, bourbon, scotch, and cigars. Josh can be considered a subject matter expert on any of the aforementioned topics. He is an Apple user because of his love the ecosystem. He has opinions, that are nearly impossible to sway. He wants to raise the level of debate about EVERYTHING. Josh@ThatKindofNerd.com

Craig Phillips

Contributing Nerd

Craig is the resident Android fanboy operating in a world of Apple lovers here at That Kind of Nerd. A huge Philadelphia Sports fan. A craft beer enthusiast having tried over 1300 different beers on Untappd. Loves Pumpkin Beers and Hip-Hop, coolest nerd ever. Sales and Marketing professional with 7 years of retail management who enjoys creating and delivery insightful content.

Craig Newcombe

The Non-Nerd

Offering the non-nerd perspective is important. Craig may not have the same passion for comic books, video games or computers like other nerds. However, having an open mind and a willingness to discover new things has made him That Kind of Nerd’s friend. You can also listen to Craig on http://www.HeyDidYouSeePodcast.com.

Jeff Thomas

Gaming Nerd

Voice/Stage Actor, Writer, Gamer, Nerd. An only child with pretty humble beginnings he was raised with a strong connection to family and grew to have the same with my friends. So much so, that the lines were blurred and friends became part of his family. It was with the support and love of those amazing people that he first started to get involved with all things ‘nerd.’ They gamed, read comics, played Magic: The Gathering, stayed up all night movie watching, and were definitely the coolest kids on the block. To conclude, he enjoys long walks on the beach, and late candle lit dinners.

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