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Something Different

More than just nerds talking nerdy – get to know the topics in an easy to understand way

Learn something new

Always something to learn and it’s always hilarious (shared via Clammr)

About The Show

A weekly show where we breakdown the “nerdy world.” When we meet someone we love to see the passion they have for a topic. We know being a “nerd” isn’t about just about technology or culture. We are redefining the word “nerd”.


What People Are Saying!

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The thing I love about this show is that they talk about subjects that anyone might find themselves passionate about, not just comic book stuff (although, I’m absolutely listening to it for comic related stuffs). They’ll go from talking about the Avengers, to services for streaming music, to movies that everyone can get behind, to tech news, to pretty much whatever, and they do it in a way that’s great for everyone whether they’re casual or “that kind of nerd.” The hosts are great and I love how they represent eastern PA.

A really well put together podcast

I have to say…I’m not a nerd myself but hearing these guys talk about what gets every nerd excited from TV shows, to movies, to comic books, etc….it’s fun listening to them and how much fun they have and how serious they take it. Keep it up guys.

Listening to Nerds

Love the show, and find my self waiting for the next one to come out like an episode of “The Flash”. Covers all the “nerd” things I enjoy and more. I even find myself voicing my opinion out loud while listening in my car while I travel to and from work. They cover a full spectrum of opinions from one extreme to the other, that you will more than likely be able to agree with.

Great Show!

I’m not ‘that kind of nerd’ but, I enjoy the banter, education, and entertainment of it all. Def worth a listen. Start with episode 3. Or do it in the same order as Star Wars is apparently meant to be watched 4,5,6,1,2,3

IMHO- This is awesome

I love listening to this podcast because it’s hilarious but also informative. It’s also played back and light…my coworkers think I’m crazy because I will just randomly laugh out loud while working at my computer, but I’ll take it if I can keep enjoying these conversations.

What a nerdtastic listening experience.

Why I am so late on this?!?! Dude! I am so pumped for this podcast and must say I am extremely proud of all of you for establishing this podcast! It seems like I have a lot of catching up to do🤔 let the games begin…

Angry at Myself for Being a Late Listener

My weekly dose of insider tech news and laughter- #listenerforever

Avid listener

That Kind of Nerd is perfect for every type of Nerd out there! This is a Hilarious, Informing, and all around Intriguing podcast! And the Show-runners are great with answering their fans questions, whether it be with a call-in/voicemail and playing it on the podcast(me on episode 91!) or through social media. They really get back with the fans on their questions and even chat with them about other topics! TKON is a great podcast and family to get into!

Amazing Podcast!!!

Every podcast I’ve listened to makes me want to be part of the conversation. If it’s something I don’t know about, I’m now interested. If it’s something I love, hearing different perspectives is awesome. It’s a relaxed and engaging conversation that I enjoy dropping in on. Thanks guys!

Laugh Out Loud Conversations

As someone who was always into tech, gaming, etc. but knows diddly squat about it these guys are a godsend. They are funny and informative and while they give their opinions, it is never in an empirical way. I caught a few shows here and there but have been tuning in much more frequently. Love the show, guys!

Great podcast

… then you are a different kind of NERD. This is a great show that anyone can relate to and enjoy. I listen for a drama free escape from my everyday life; for an opportunity to smile every time. Whether you think you are a nerd or not, you are and you should be listening to this podcast… it is the RIGHT thing to do. Unless you prefer doing the wrong thing, in that case it is the WRONG thing to do. Either way listen. Oh, one last note: LET THE SLAP BET COUNTDOWN BEGIN!!!

If you are not listening to this show...

I cannot say enough about this podcast. I have known one of the contributors, Josh, for many years and he puts as much into this podcast as he does his life. I love the takes on nerd issues i.e. movie reviews, games, comics and the ALL imortant cat ratio! Listening to the podcast makes my work day go by quicker and all the better. This is one of the best podcasts on iTunes and I HIGHLY recommend it!

Nerds of the world Unite!

This podcast has had me hooked from the very beginning. It is entertaining on so many levels and the hosts are hysterical together. I love the bantering that goes on between the three of them and look forward to hearing a new show every Monday. My favorite feature is cape talk. If you’re a nerd of any kind, this show is for you!

Awesome Show!!!!


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